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God Made All of Me

A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies

God Made All of Me

“Some of your body parts are not for sharing: these are called your private parts.” “These include your penis, vagina, bottom, and breasts.” Are you uncomfortable yet? How did I know that would be the perfect opening statement? Regardless of how desensitized our society has become, there will always be something morally respectable about the human private parts. The shock factor is still prevalent, even among seemingly unregenerate people.

There are some things we must be intentional about discussing with our children. For instance, we must be passionate about discussing salvation. Another area that we should be ready and willing to talk about is sex. Equally intimidating and sensitive, both topics can become natural and even enjoyable when discussed openly and often.

To encourage these conversations, my efforts here will be focused on protecting our children from inappropriate behavior targeted toward their bodies. I am reminded that I can’t possibly control or prevent circumstances that happen within God’s sovereignty. I must trust those to Him. However, I am responsible for applying the instruction found in His Word to steward my children well.

If we don’t take the earliest opportunities to teach, the world will. It isn’t my intention to use scare tactics to persuade. I’m simply writing with experiential knowledge and a deep burden for our children.

I think it is also helpful to acknowledge that tradition isn’t always the best method of instruction. Although most assuredly started with good intentions, much of our traditional instruction is at risk of becoming dangerously distorted as it passes from one generation to another.

I appreciate those who, rather than attack or lay blame on our predecessors, choose to actively engage in sharing their convictions more fruitfully. As torchbearers, they press on with courage rooted in biblical wisdom and a well-informed perspective of the present culture. I believe they aim to genuinely provide remedies for teachings that have proven deficient in their attempt to portray Truth.

“GOD MADE ALL OF ME” was a revelation of hope and relief to me. As early as the toddler years, I found myself impulsively instructing my daughter that she should not show her “private parts”. I may not have verbally stated that they are “bad”, but it was understood by the tone in my voice, which was dictated by fear. Conveniently for me, my husband is a licensed professional counselor and is trained to detect and provide counsel for those who have endured sexual abuse. (He could have written the book.)

In the early years of parenting, I now recognize that much of my instruction was rooted in a deep misunderstanding of God’s character. The simplistic teaching in this children’s book echoed the professional and biblical training that my husband had received. God is our Creator. He created ALL things. And ALL things He created, were good (Genesis 1:31). When in doubt, always go back to the Word of God as our source of Truth. It is the ultimate curriculum!

Please join us in pursuing the difficult discussions, in empowering our children with Godly wisdom, and in trusting the outcome of the Lord.

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